I have been getting colonics with Alain and Marsha for at least 15 years now and they are the BEST in Sarasota, in fact I would not want anyone else taking care of me in this process!

Pay a little towards your health and well BEing now or pay the Doctors later…For those that don’t see the value….I say this….Have ya checked the price of cancer lately!?

Thanks for keeping me clean and healthy over the many years!

D Watson, Esthetician
I have been known Alain and Allaesia for over 20 years as friends but also as amazing therapists.

When I initially went to Colon Therapy Clinic for treatments, I was having issues with constipation and stomach problems. After a series of treatments i know have several bowel movements per day and feel wonderful.

I know the benefits of keeping our colon clear, as a therapist. Even though, I travel 45 minutes for sessions it is worth my time and effort to go to the best!

I highly recommend Colon Therapy Clinic as a professional team with expertise in the field.

Fran Kowalczyk, Massage Therapist
I highly recommend the colonics and all services at Colon Therapy Clinic. I have been going for 26 years and have experienced improved health, healing and energy. The Menard Method (by Alain Menard) is very
Patti Kingham, Business Owner
Great facility, very professional!
Mary Shanks, Business Owner
My first treatment my skins clear up, lost some weight, had more energy, the treatment was very gentle.
T Thompson, Fitness Trainer